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Air Condition Rental and Leasing Inc. is located in  Malta. We have been providing mobile and portable equipment rentals and service for more than the 15 years. We have a full fleet of air conditioning and heating units in range of electrical requirements and BTU, suitable for any location or site. “Climate control solutions” is our trademark and ambition.

Downtime on equipment in production facilities, commercial spaces, equipment and computer rooms can be costly. Each hour of loss of use can be detrimanding to any business. We are here to fill the gap and save the day and have many satisfied returning customers using our on call services during HVAC repairs and scheduled maintenance. We handle emergencies fast!

Our rental packages include everything necessary to get the equipment running, including duct  Distribution boxes and other equipment is available.

We also provide Personell to operate the equipment, custom tailored to your location and need.

Our Special Event Full Services are valued by all who plan ahead for any private or corporate gatherings. Tented events, and events in non-air conditioned buildings and structures in the hot summer months could be a Dissaster. Our full service packages are designed to give the event planer with a piece of mind and ability to provide a pleasant environment for your guests. Personell and equipment.

We have Specialized in services for the Movie Industry for Film and Tv Production Sets.We offer Proffessional cooling and heating that have been used by most productions shot in Malta.

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We have units available for uses such as:

  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Shops & Retail
  • Computer Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Reception Areas
  • Bedrooms
  • Canteens
  • Temporary Buildings
  • Banks / Building Societies
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Hospitals


Our Projects

Movies Sets & TV Productions
Movies Sets & TV Productions
Emergency Cooling & Heating
Emergency Cooling & Heating

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